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Amanda Wong is a Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholar and a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. She received her Bachelor’s degree in English in Spring 2016. Her academic interests lie primarily in the field of literary ethics, which figure prominently in her senior thesis in Nabokov’s Lolita. Wong was a member with the AmeriCorps branch of JusticeCorps, which works to provide equal access to legal resources to underprivileged communities in the Bay Area. Her work there in part has fueled her pursuit of a legal career in the field of public service. As an Editorial Assistant for the California Management Review, Wong focused on content creation. Her hobbies include cooking, running, and playing World of Warcraft. For a more expansive catalog of Amanda’s previous work experiences, please visit her LinkedIn.

Lillian Dong is a sophomore at University of California, Berkeley, intending to major in business. She currently writes for the Daily Californian newspaper. You can reach Lillian at                                                                                                                                               

Jocelyn Shieh is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, majoring in Psychology with an emphasis in Consumer Behavior and Marketing. Born and raised in Silicon Valley, Jocelyn has witnessed the growth of technology firsthand and has developed a strong interest in business intelligence tools and cloud services, and their impact in both B2B and B2C sectors. She has had the chance to experience and utilize data analysis tools directly through her work with Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Oracle, and Chevron. On campus, Jocelyn has held several leadership positions in marketing-centered organizations, and enjoys spending time giving back to the community through service organizations. In her free time, she enjoys hip-hop dance, volunteering at animal shelters, and maintaining an active Yelp account. To connect with Jocelyn, feel free to visit her profile on LinkedIn.

Adelia Gregory is a fourth year undergraduate at University of California, Berkeley, majoring in Sociology. Adelia hails from Sonoma, a quaint town in wine country. Possessing a naturally analytical mind, she loves reorganizing existing processes and is passionate about the intersection of business, finance, and technology. Adelia’s professional and extracurricular experiences in nonprofit and corporate data accumulation, research, marketing, PR, and leadership have nurtured her professional interest in management, and is preparing to apply for specialized MBA programs in Fall of 2016. She is involved on the UC Berkeley campus through internships and leadership, and has enjoyed doing pro-bono recruitment of volunteers and training teams of new recruits at PetsLifeline Animal Shelter for the last four years. She also loves to read classical literature, enjoys musical art forms, traveling, writing, and networking. Adelia is an incoming Summer 2016 Operations Analyst Intern at Goldman Sachs. To connect with Adelia, please feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn.

Jessie Qian is currently a third year undergraduate double majoring in English and Economics at the University of California, Berkeley. She is fascinated by the connections between humanities and social sciences. Apart from interning at CMR, she also works in communications at the National Writing Project and in web producing and reporting at the Daily Californian. Through working with a variety of media-related organizations, Jessie became passionate about the facets of marketing and communications. In her precious-little free time, Jessie likes to consume books, write short stories, watch British comedy and sample every bit of food in the Bay Area. Please visit her profile on LinkedIn if you are interested in learning more about Jessie.

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