Celebrating our 50th year of publication!

California Management Review

California Management Review Turns 50

To celebrate of our 50th year, we have published a special issue of California Management Review on "Leading through Innovation."

This special issue featuring Haas Faculty research, explores various aspects of innovation and practical application.

A Tribute by Professor Raymond Miles
(Former Haas School Dean)

Raymond Miles, professor emeritus and former Haas School dean, pays tribute to the California Management Review on its 50 th anniversary:

The California Management Review (CMR) has withstood many challenges during its lifetime and is in better shape today than perhaps at any other point – a tribute to David Vogel's leadership and the continued support of its most loyal constituents. The CMR lived much of its life on a very thin budget, with the bulk of its financial support from the Haas School, whose faculty, outside of OBIR and PSLE, saw little benefit from it.

 Among David's achievements is maintaining a diverse, comparatively prestigious multi-University editorial board, while claiming the Review as a Berkeley (Haas) publication. This is much more manageable than the joint Berkeley, UCLA model that it had in its early days or a multi-UC campus model that some have argued it should attempt (to recognize the newer campus business programs).

Despite its challenges, CMR has maintained a solid hold on its place among the journals in the field. It is clearly placed within the top three of the journals with a focus on issues of appeal to managers, Harvard Business Review (HBR) and MIT Sloan Management Review, being the others. Among these three, CMR probably publishes more pieces with some research base and with authors whose primary reputation is within their scholarly disciplines.  

In the early days of OB, Business Policy, and Business Environment, there were fewer prestigious journals aimed primarily at research reporting. In the sixties, my research reports on managerial behavior and leadership got more attention in HBR and CMR than in the journals of my professional society, (The Academy of Management). Today, there are probably at least five prestigious scholarly journals covering topics on business, management, leadership, strategy, etc. Nevertheless, CMR, without much compromise, has remained a viable choice for authors who would like to publish sound, research-supported material that has a more practical bent than might be attractive to the top five scholarly journals. CMR frequently gets the authors’ second, more applied piece from the same research project –that at least has often been my practice.

It is my view that CMR articles (certainly true of many of mine) are frequently sought by those putting together a book of readings on particular topics (for classes on leadership, strategy, etc.). This is a good test of the extent to which the journal is known and valued. Moreover, articles in CMR are cited widely across the field, even in more scholarly journals. This is a good indication of their quality.

In sum, the California Management Review has survived hard times, maintained its rather unique niche of the most research-based managerial journal, and, in recent years, built a fairly firm base of support across the Haas Faculty. It is clearly the best in the West, a journal of choice for the research-based piece that doesn’t fit precisely in the current scholarly categories, and, if nothing else for attractiveness and readability. As a scholar I have valued it as a publication outlet and been happy to serve as a reviewer.  As a professor I have used its reprints in my classes. As a Dean I felt it was an asset worthy of support and had unrealized potential. My regret is that I didn’t steal more money for its support.

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