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The ‘Honda Effect’ Revisited
Mintzberg, Henry , Richard T. Pascale, Michael Goold, and Richard P. Rumelt
38/4  (Summer 1996): 78-117

Perhaps no other article published in the management literature has had the impact of Richard Pascale's piece on the "Honda Effect" that was published in the Spring 1984 issue of the California Management Review. This now classic article has stimulated considerable debate over the role and value of corporate strategy in business decision making--which is the subject of this forum. This special collection of essays includes an abridged version of Pascale's original article ["Perspectives on Strategy: The Real Story Behind Honda's Success"], an exchange of correspondence between Henry Mintzberg and Michael Goold, and new essays by Richard Rumelt, Michael Goold, and Richard Pascale, who revisits his own original article as well as this whole debate.

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