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Marketing Dilemma: Change in the Eighties
Resnik, Alan J., Harold E. Sand, and Joseph Barry Mason
24/1  (Fall 1981): 49-57

The article presents the results of survey of four groups of individuals with expertise in the marketing area conducted in late spring of 1980. Researchers mailed questionnaires to marketing vice-presidents, advertising executives, marketing executives, marketing researchers and consultants and marketing professors. One-third of those surveyed agreed that shortages of raw materials cause serious interruptions of production in most industries. Seventy-three percent of those surveyed agreed or strongly agreed with the statement that we will live with permanently high inflation throughout the 1980s. Despite the forecast of continued high inflation, respondents overwhelmingly rejected the option of wage and price controls. Those surveyed generally predicted the government will have an increasing effect on business operation through regulations, but did not forecast such drastic increases. Product, pricing, distribution, and communications decisions are the tools the marketing manager has at his or her disposal to adjust to changing conditions.

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