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Strategic Management of Intellectual Property: An Integrated Approach
Fisher III, William W., and Felix Oberholzer-Gee
55/4  (Summer 2013): 157-183

In many organizations, the R&D, strategy, and legal functions are poorly integrated. As a consequence, firms miss opportunities to create and exploit the value of intellectual property. Functional silos are one reason for the lack of integration. More important, however, is the lack of a common framework and even language thatwould allowengineers, lawyers, and business executives tomanage IP assets better. This article provides such a framework. There is no one best way to manage IP and many managers overestimate the attractiveness of using IP to exert market power. Rather, the value of the various means to protect and benefit from IP depends on firm strategy, the competitive landscape, and the rapidly changing contours of intellectual property law.

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