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"Cognitive Dissonance and Consumer Behavior: Reactions to the Surgeon General's Report on Smoking and Health"  Kassarjian, Harold H., and Joel B. Cohen, 8/1 (Fall 1965): 55-64.
"Forecasting Gross Regional Product for Southern California"  Williams, Robert M., and Harold T. Moody, 8/1 (Fall 1965): 83-92.
"Management and the Behavioral Sciences: A Conceptual Scheme"  Wadia, Maneck S., 8/1 (Fall 1965): 65-72.
"Managerial Implications of Integrated Business Operations"  Klasson, Charles R., and Kenneth W. Olm, 8/1 (Fall 1965): 21-32.
"Marketing Objectives for the Satellite City"  Bucklin, Louis P., 8/1 (Fall 1965): 33-44.
"National Interests and Multinational Business"  Fowler, Henry H., 8/1 (Fall 1965): 3-12.
"The Productified Way of Life"  Regan, William J., and Loraine Germann, 8/1 (Fall 1965): 73-82.
"Too Many Management Levels"  Jaques, Elliott, 8/1 (Fall 1965): 13-20.


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