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"Approaches To Long-Range Planning for Small Business"  Steiner, George A., 10/1 (Fall 1967): 3-16.
"Demand and Supply of Teachers in California"  Hirsch, Werner Z., 10/1 (Fall 1967): 27-34.
"Doctorates in Business Administration: A Demand and Supply Analysis"  Wheeler, John T., 10/1 (Fall 1967): 35-50.
"Fair Trade Revisited"  Howard, Marshall C., 10/1 (Fall 1967): 17-26.
"Heuristic Models: Mapping the Maze for Management"  Hinkle, Charles L., and Alfred A. Kuehn, 10/1 (Fall 1967): 59-68.
"Management Language and Management Action"  Vaill, Peter B., 10/1 (Fall 1967): 51-58.
"Satellite TV: India As A Case Study"  Hurley, Neil P., 10/1 (Fall 1967): 69-78.


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