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"An Executive Looks At--Marketing in the Money Card Society"  Chait, Lawrence, 11/1 (Fall 1968): 3-6.
"DEMON: A Management Model for Marketing New Products"  Charnes, A. , W. W. Cooper, J. K. DeVoe, and D. B. Learner, 11/1 (Fall 1968): 31-46.
"Educating Potential Managers About the Computer"  Couger, Daniel, 11/1 (Fall 1968): 47-58.
"How Effective is Foreign Aid?"  Edmunds, Stahrl W., 11/1 (Fall 1968): 13-22.
"Industrialization in Hong Kong"  Sutu, H., 11/1 (Fall 1968): 85-90.
"Innovation in Marketing: An Organizational Behavior Perspective"  Knight, Kenneth E., and Yoram Wind, 11/1 (Fall 1968): 67-78.
"Management Models for a Retirement Community"  Siegel, Gilbert B., and William B. Storm, 11/1 (Fall 1968): 59-66.
"Manpower Developments and Requirements in Our New Service Economy"  Prasow, Paul, 11/1 (Fall 1968): 91-93.
"Space Employment in Los Angeles: A Declining Role in the Aerospace Industry?"  Holman, Mary A., and Ronald M. Konkel, 11/1 (Fall 1968): 23-30.
"The Origin and History of Program Budgeting"  Novick, David, 11/1 (Fall 1968): 7-12.
"The Theory of Financial Leverage and Conglomerate Mergers"  Renshaw, Edward F., 11/1 (Fall 1968): 79-84.


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