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"A Contingency Look at Job Design"  Morse, John J., 16/1 (Fall 1973): 67-75.
"Healing the Rift Between the U.S. and Europe"  Boarman, Patrick M., 16/1 (Fall 1973): 76-85.
"How Effective Is Your Data Processing Organization?"  McLean, Ephraim R., 16/1 (Fall 1973): 95-101.
"Improving Management by Objectives: A Diagnostic Change Program"  Tosi, Henry L., and Stephen J. Carroll, 16/1 (Fall 1973): 57-66.
"New Product Planning in an Age of Future Consciousness"  Jolson, Marvin A., 16/1 (Fall 1973): 25-33.
"Price Formation and Decision-Making in Covent Garden Market, London"  Cassady, Ralph , and F. David Barker, 16/1 (Fall 1973): 86-94.
"Protecting Trade Secrets in the Seventies"  Glueck, William F., and Robert A. Mittelstaedt, 16/1 (Fall 1973): 34-39.
"The Consumer Interest: The Role of Public Policy"  Jones, Mary Gardiner, 16/1 (Fall 1973): 17-24.
"The Corporate Social Audit: Getting on the Learning Curve"  Bauer, Raymond A., 16/1 (Fall 1973): 5-10.
"The Problems of Managing Reciprocity"  Weigand, Robert E., 16/1 (Fall 1973): 40-48.
"The Program Management Approach to the Corporate Social Audit"  Butcher, Bernard L., 16/1 (Fall 1973): 11-16.
"The Venture Manager as a Corporate Innovator"  Wilemon, David L., and Gary R. Gemmill, 16/1 (Fall 1973): 49-56.


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