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"BOOK REVIEW: How Much Can Corporations Do?"  Corson, John J., 18/1 (Fall 1975): 78-79.
"California's Changed Position in U.S. Residential Building and Mortgage-Lending Activity"  Grebler, Leo, 18/1 (Fall 1975): 62-71.
"Consumer Discontent: A Social Perspective"  Lambert, Zarrel V., and Fred W. Kniffin, 18/1 (Fall 1975): 36-44.
"Corporate Values and the Business School Curriculum"  Maxwell, S. R., 18/1 (Fall 1975): 72-77.
"Employee Reactions to the Four-Day Week"  Hodge, B. J., and Richard D. Tellier, 18/1 (Fall 1975): 25-30.
"Historical Accident"  Carter, John P., 18/1 (Fall 1975): 45-48.
"Preventive Health Maintenance for Executives"  Boxx, W. Randy, and Jimmy R. Chambless, 18/1 (Fall 1975): 49-56.
"Results of Final-Offer Arbitration of Bargaining Disputes"  Staudohar, Paul D., 18/1 (Fall 1975): 57-61.
"RPO's: A Step Toward Global Human Resources Management"  Heenan, David A., and Calvin Reynolds, 18/1 (Fall 1975): 5-9.
"Strategic Considerations in Assembly-Line Selection"  Chase, Richard B., 18/1 (Fall 1975): 17-24.
"The Unrecognized Industry"  Brickner, William H., 18/1 (Fall 1975): 10-16.
"Workers' Perceptions of the Four-Day Week"  Mahoney, Thomas A., Jerry M. Newman, and Peter J. Frost, 18/1 (Fall 1975): 31-35.


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