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"Adapting Corporate Structure For Social Responsiveness"  Holmes, Sandra L., 21/1 (Fall 1978): 47-54.
"Advocacy Advertising--The American Experience"  Sethi, S. Prakash, 21/1 (Fall 1978): 55-68.
"Concurrency and Disruption in New Product Introduction"  Cochran, Edward B., Alan L. Patz, and Alan J. Rowe, 21/1 (Fall 1978): 21-34.
"Follow-Up Strategies for Technological Growth"  Fischer, William A., 21/1 (Fall 1978): 10-20.
"From More to Better to Different to Less"  Foote, Nelson, 21/1 (Fall 1978): 5-9.
"International Financial Planning: The Use of Market-Based Forecasts"  Dufey, Gunter , and Ian H. Giddy, 21/1 (Fall 1978): 69-81.
"New Approach to the Design and Use of Management Information"  Daft, Richard L., and Norman B. MacIntosh, 21/1 (Fall 1978): 82-92.
"Reviewing the Policy Process"  Zand, Dale, 21/1 (Fall 1978): 35-46.
"The Care and Feeding of the Board of Directors"  Vance, Jack O., 21/1 (Fall 1978): 29-34.


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