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"Apricots for Ammonia: Barter, Clearing, Switching, and Compensation in International Business"  Weigand, Robert E., 22/1 (Fall 1979): 33-41.
"Bit by Bit: Toward Decision Support Systems"  Sprague, Ralph H., and Hugh J. Watson, 22/1 (Fall 1979): 60-68.
"Developing the Corporate Energy Plan"  Stock, James R., and Douglas M. Lambert, 22/1 (Fall 1979): 5-12.
"Executives and Activists: Test of Stakeholder Theory"  Sturdivant, Frederick D., 22/1 (Fall 1979): 53-59.
"Hidden Cost of Federal Energy Legislation"  Haney, Richard L., Melvin R. Crask, and Hans R. Isakson, 22/1 (Fall 1979): 13-22.
"Is There Life After Retirement?"  Kets de Vries, Manfred F.R., 22/1 (Fall 1979): 69-76.
"Job Enrichment in Marketing"  Ivancevich, John M., and Michael J. Etzel, 22/1 (Fall 1979): 88-95.
"Naivete: Foreign Payoffs Law"  Jacoby, Neil H., Peter Nehemkis, and Richard Eells, 22/1 (Fall 1979): 84-87.
"Organizational Politics: Tactics and Characteristics of Its Actors"  Allen, Robert W., Dan L. Madison, Lyman W. Porter, Patricia A. Renwick, and Bronston T. Mayes, 22/1 (Fall 1979): 77-83.
"Regulation and Innovation: U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry"  Schnee, Jerome E., 22/1 (Fall 1979): 23-32.
"The Golfer"  Carlisle, Arthur Elliott, 22/1 (Fall 1979): 42-52.


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