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"An Executive-Level Perspective on the Strategic Management Process"  Pearce, John A., 24/1 (Fall 1981): 39-48.
"Decertification: Is the Current Trend a Threat to Collective Bargaining?"  Fulmer, William E., 24/1 (Fall 1981): 14-22.
"Inside a Soviet Management Institute"  Puffer, Sheila M., 24/1 (Fall 1981): 90-96.
"Marketing Dilemma: Change in the Eighties"  Resnik, Alan J., Harold E. Sand, and Joseph Barry Mason, 24/1 (Fall 1981): 49-57.
"Sales Force Management: Integrating Research Advances"  Ryans, Adrian B., and Charles B. Weinberg, 24/1 (Fall 1981): 75-89.
"Social Character and the New Automobile Industry"  McCrohan, Kevin F., and Jay M. Finkelman, 24/1 (Fall 1981): 58-68.
"Strategic Portfolio Management in the Multibusiness Firm"  Bettis, Richard A., and William K. Hall, 24/1 (Fall 1981): 23-38.
"Utility Depreciation: An Inequity"  Homan, John E., 24/1 (Fall 1981): 5-13.
"What Product Benefits To Offer to Whom: An Application of Conjoint Segmentation"  Sands, Saul , and Kenneth M. Warwick, 24/1 (Fall 1981): 69-74.


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