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"BOOK REVIEW: Management Implications of Drucker’s Managing in Turbulent Times"  Nielsen, Richard P., 25/1 (Fall 1982): 119-124.
"Improving Marketing Productivity: The 80/20 Principle Revisited"  Dubinsky, Alan J., and Richard W. Hansen, 25/1 (Fall 1982): 96-105.
"Linking Strategic Planning and Management Manpower Planning"  Stybel, Laurence J., 25/1 (Fall 1982): 48-56.
"Management's Role in Declining Productivity"  Shetty, Y. K., 25/1 (Fall 1982): 33-47.
"Marketing Information Systems: Uses in the Fortune 500"  McLeod, Raymond , and John Rogers, 25/1 (Fall 1982): 106-118.
"Multinational Capital Budgeting: Foreign Investment Ufnder Subsidy"  Gordon, Sara L., and Francis A. Lees, 25/1 (Fall 1982): 22-32.
"Selection and Training Procedures of U.S., European, and Japanese Multinationals"  Tung, Rosalie L., 25/1 (Fall 1982): 57-71.
"Should the Consumer Price Index Determine Wages?"  Mitchell, Daniel J.B., 25/1 (Fall 1982): 5-21.
"The Influence of Sex on Managers in the Service Sector"  Forgionne, Guisseppi A., and Vivian E. Peeters, 25/1 (Fall 1982): 72-83.
"The Product Portfolio and Man's Best Friend"  Hambrick, Donald C., and Ian C. MacMillan, 25/1 (Fall 1982): 84-95.


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