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"Assessing OPEC's Pricing Policies"  Teece, David J., 26/1 (Fall 1983): 69-87.
"BOOK REVIEW: Business Ethics"  Hanson, Kirk O., 26/1 (Fall 1983): 162-169.
"Environmental Regulation: Some Lessons From British Policy"  Morse, C. Wesley, 26/1 (Fall 1983): 25-36.
"Evaluating Quality Circles: The American Application"  Wood, Robert , Frank Hull, and Koya Azumi, 26/1 (Fall 1983): 37-53.
"Just-In-Time Purchasing: A Challenge for U.S. Industry"  Schonberger, Richard J., and James P. Gilbert, 26/1 (Fall 1983): 54-68.
"Marketing to the Hispanic Community"  Segal, Madhav N., and Lionel Sosa, 26/1 (Fall 1983): 120-134.
"Point of View: The New Management Thinkers"  Maidique, Modesto A., 26/1 (Fall 1983): 151-161.
"Regulatory Reform: A Report Card for the Reagan Administration"  Weidenbaum, Murray L., 26/1 (Fall 1983): 8-24.
"Revolution and War in the Persian Gulf: The Effect on MNCs"  Kassicieh, Suleiman K., and Jamal R. Nassar, 26/1 (Fall 1983): 88-99.
"The Concerns of the Rich/Poor Consumer"  Preston, Lee E., and Paul N. Bloom, 26/1 (Fall 1983): 100-119.
"The Public Affairs Function"  Post, James E., Edwin A. Murray, Robert B. Dickie, and John F. Mahon, 26/1 (Fall 1983): 135-150.


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