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"BOOK REVIEW: Taking Mayo and MacGregor Seriously"  Hunt, Raymond G., 27/1 (Fall 1984): 173-176.
"Loyalty and a Sense of Purpose"  Logan, George M., 27/1 (Fall 1984): 149-156.
"Management and Magic"  Gimpl, Martin L., and Stephen R. Dakin, 27/1 (Fall 1984): 125-136.
"Managerial Communication: The View from Inside"  Shapiro, Irving S., 27/1 (Fall 1984): 157-172. *
"Merger Decision Making: An Ethical Analysis and Recommendation"  Richman, James D., 27/1 (Fall 1984): 177-184.
"Regulation in America: A Historical Overview"  McCraw, Thomas K., 27/1 (Fall 1984): 116-124. *
"Revitalizing American Industry: Managing in a Competitive World Economy"  Thurow, Lester, 27/1 (Fall 1984): 9-41.
"The Continuing Increase in the Use of Sophisticated Capital Budgeting Techniques"  Klammer, Thomas P., and Michael C. Walker, 27/1 (Fall 1984): 137-148.
"The Export Trading Co. Act: A Viable International Marketing Tool"  Kaikati, Jack G., 27/1 (Fall 1984): 59-70.
"The Industrial Policy Debate Re-examined"  Johnson, Chalmers, 27/1 (Fall 1984): 71-89. *
"The Misalignment of the U.S. Dollar and the Japanese Yen: The Problem and Its Solution"  Solomon, Ezra , and David C. Murchison, 27/1 (Fall 1984): 42-58.
"Who Should Control the Corporation?"  Mintzberg, Henry, 27/1 (Fall 1984): 90-115.

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