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"A Comprehensive Incentive Approach to Employee Health Care Cost Containment"  Fottler, Myron D., and Joyce A. Lanning, 29/1 (Fall 1986): 75-94.
"Alternative Explanations of Union Wage Concessions"  Mitchell, Daniel J.B., 29/1 (Fall 1986): 95-108.
"Competition and Cooperation: New Trends in Public Issue Identification and Resolution"  Littlejohn, Stephen E., 29/1 (Fall 1986): 109-123. *
"Convergence and Upheaval: Managing the Unsteady Pace of Organizational Evolution"  Tushman, Michael L., William H. Newman, and Elaine Romanelli, 29/1 (Fall 1986): 29-44.
"Integrating Public Affairs and Strategic Planning"  Marx, Thomas G., 29/1 (Fall 1986): 141-147.
"Issues Management: Corporate Fad or Corporate Function?"  Wartick, Steven L., and Robert E. Rude, 29/1 (Fall 1986): 124-140.
"Negotiating Venture Capital Financing"  Tyebjee, Tyzoon T., and Albert V. Bruno, 29/1 (Fall 1986): 45-59.
"New Technologies, New Skills"  Adler, Paul S., 29/1 (Fall 1986): 9-28.
"The Case for Divisional Long-Term Incentives"  Crystal, Graef S., and Mark R. Hurwich, 29/1 (Fall 1986): 60-74.
"Trends in Chinese Business Practice: Changes in the Beijing Wind"  Frankenstein, John, 29/1 (Fall 1986): 148-160.

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