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"Business Alliances and the Strategy of the Japanese Firm"  Gerlach, Michael, 30/1 (Fall 1987): 126-142.
"Hybrid Organizational Arrangements"  Powell, Walter W., 30/1 (Fall 1987): 67-87.
"Information Technology, Organization, and Response to Strategic Challenges"  Child, John, 30/1 (Fall 1987): 33-50.
"Managing Through Networks in Investment Banking"  Eccles, Robert G., and Dwight Crane, 30/1 (Fall 1987): 176-195.
"New Venture Strategies in the Minicomputer Industry"  Romanelli, Elaine, 30/1 (Fall 1987): 160-175.
"Organizational Approaches to Strategy: An Introduction and Overview"  Carroll, Glenn R., 30/1 (Fall 1987): 8-10.
"Strategic Decision Processes in Silicon Valley: The Anatomy of a ‘Living Dead’"  Bourgeois, L. J., and Kathleen M. Eisenhardt, 30/1 (Fall 1987): 143-159.
"Stratocracy in High-Technology Firms"  Bahrami, Homa , and Stuart Evans, 30/1 (Fall 1987): 51-66.
"The Strategic Use of Corporate Board Committees"  Harrison, J. Richard, 30/1 (Fall 1987): 109-125.
"The Strategy Concept I: Five Ps For Strategy."  Mintzberg, Henry, 30/1 (Fall 1987): 11-24.
"The Strategy Concept II: Another Look at Why Organizations Need Strategies"  Mintzberg, Henry, 30/1 (Fall 1987): 25-32.
"The Top Management Team: Key to Strategic Success"  Hambrick, Donald C., 30/1 (Fall 1987): 88-108.


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