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"A Typology of Joint Ventures: Japanese Strategies in the United States"  Tyebjee, Tyzoon T., 31/1 (Fall 1988): 75-86.
"Altering Corporate Strategic Criteria to Reflect the Changing Environment: The Role of Life Satisfaction and the Growing Senior Market"  Cooper, Philip D., and George Miaoulis, 31/1 (Fall 1988): 87-97.
"Channel Management Is General Management"  Cespedes, Frank V., 31/1 (Fall 1988): 98-120.
"Evaluating Employee Compensation"  Kanungo, Rabindra N., and Manuel Mendonca, 31/1 (Fall 1988): 23-39.
"Lessons from Labor-Management Cooperation"  Peterson, Richard B., and Lane Tracy, 31/1 (Fall 1988): 40-53.
"Organizing for Worldwide Effectiveness: The Transnational Solution"  Bartlett, Christopher A., and Sumantra Ghoshal, 31/1 (Fall 1988): 54-75.
"Racial Factors in Site Location and Employment Patterns of Japanese Auto Firms in America"  Cole, Robert E., and Donald R. Deskins, 31/1 (Fall 1988): 9-22.
"The Business of Law"  Zacharias, Lawrence S., 31/1 (Fall 1988): 121-131.


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