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"Adam Smith on Business Ethics"  Wilson, James Q., 32/1 (Fall 1989): 59-72.
"Employee Work Attitudes and Management Practice in the U.S. and Japan: Evidence from a Large Comparative Survey"  Lincoln, James R., 32/1 (Fall 1989): 89-106.
"LBOs and Taxes: No One To Blame But Ourselves"  Leland, Hayne E., 32/1 (Fall 1989): 19-29.
"Multinational Corporate Restructuring and International Competitiveness"  Enderwick, Peter, 32/1 (Fall 1989): 44-58.
"New Developments in U.S. Technology Policy: Implications for Competitiveness and International Trade Policy"  Mowery, David C., and Nathan Rosenberg, 32/1 (Fall 1989): 107-124.
"The Case for LBOs: The Safeway Experience"  Magowan, Peter A., 32/1 (Fall 1989): 9-18.
"The Impact of LBOs on Strategic Direction"  Easterwood, John C., Anju Seth, and Ronald F. Singer, 32/1 (Fall 1989): 30-43.
"The Moral Muteness of Managers"  Bird, Frederick B., and James A. Waters, 32/1 (Fall 1989): 73-88.


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