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"Beyond Flexibility: Building and Managing the Dynamically Stable Organization"  Boynton, Andrew C., and Bart Victor, 34/1 (Fall 1991): 53-66.
"Managing Trade by Rules and Outcomes"  Tyson, Laura D'Andrea, 34/1 (Fall 1991): 115-143. *
"Organizational Vision and Visionary Organizations"  Collins, James C., and Jerry I. Porras, 34/1 (Fall 1991): 30-52.
"The ASEAN Economies in the 1990s and Singapore's Regional Role"  Wu, Friedrich, 34/1 (Fall 1991): 103-114.
"Trading Stock Around the Clock: The Future Growth of Global Electronic Markets"  Freund, William C., 34/1 (Fall 1991): 87-102.
"Why CEO Compensation Is So High"  Crystal, Graef S., 34/1 (Fall 1991): 9-29. *
"Why Is Business Talking About Ethics? Reflections on Foreign Conversations"  Ciulla, Joanne B., 34/1 (Fall 1991): 67-86.

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