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"A Declaration on Open Regionalism in the Pacific"  Cheit, Earl F., 35/1 (Fall 1992): 116-130.
"Global Strategy, Competence-Building and Strategic Alliances"  Lei, David , and John W. Slocum, 35/1 (Fall 1992): 81-97.
"Launching a Viable Joint Venture"  Newman, William H., 35/1 (Fall 1992): 68-80.
"Rethinking Scale"  Peters, Tom, 35/1 (Fall 1992): 7-29. *
"The Globalization of Business Ethics: Why America Remains Distinctive"  Vogel, David J., 35/1 (Fall 1992): 30-49.
"The Learning Alliance Between Business and Business Schools: Executive Education as a Platform for Partnership"  Ghoshal, Sumantra , Breck Arnzen, and Sharon Brownfield, 35/1 (Fall 1992): 50-67.
"United States Direct Investment in Japan: Trends and Prospects"  Mason, Mark, 35/1 (Fall 1992): 98-115.

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