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"A Pyramid of Decision Approaches"  Schoemaker, Paul J.H., and J. Edward Russo, 36/1 (Fall 1993): 9-31.
"An End to French Economic Exceptionalism? The Transformation of Business under Mitterrand"  Schmidt, Vivien A., 36/1 (Fall 1993): 75-98.
"Living With the Organizational Sentencing Guidelines"  Kaplan, Jeffrey M., Linda S. Dakin, and Melinda R. Smolin, 36/1 (Fall 1993): 136-146.
"Profitability and Competitiveness: Lessons from Japanese and American Firms in the 1980s"  Blaine, Michael, 36/1 (Fall 1993): 48-74.
"Riding the Russian Roller Coaster: U.S. Firms' Recent Experience and Future Plans in the Former USSR"  McCarthy, Daniel J., Sheila M. Puffer, and Peter J. Simmonds, 36/1 (Fall 1993): 99-115.
"The Green Fee: Internalizing and Operationalizing Environmental Issues"  Corbett, Charles , and Luk N. Van Wassenhove, 36/1 (Fall 1993): 116-135.
"The Pitfalls of Strategic Planning"  Mintzberg, Henry, 36/1 (Fall 1993): 32-47. *

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