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"California‚Äôs Missile Gap"  Cohen, Stephen S., and Clara Eugenia Garcia, 37/1 (Fall 1994): 110-131.
"Competitive Advantage: Superior Offer Or Unfair Dominance?"  Boscheck, Ralf, 37/1 (Fall 1994): 132-151.
"Diversifiction and Diversifact"  Ghoshal, Sumantra , and Henry Mintzberg, 37/1 (Fall 1994): 8-27.
"Japanese Team-Based Work Systems in North America: Explaining the Diversity"  Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Joel , Michio Nitta, Betty Barrett, Nejib Belhedi, Jennifer Bullard, Cheryl Coutchie, Takashi Inaba, Iwao Ishino, Seepa Lee, Wen-Jeng Lin, William Mothersell, Stacia Rabine, Shobha Ramanand, Mark Strolle, and Arthur Wheaton, 37/1 (Fall 1994): 42-64.
"Organizations...The Smaller They Get"  Carroll, Glenn R., 37/1 (Fall 1994): 28-41.
"Rare Mettle: Gold and Silver Strategies to Succeed in Hostile Markets"  Potter, Donald V., 37/1 (Fall 1994): 65-82.
"White-Collar Robotics: Levering Managerial Decision Making"  Ashton, Alison Hubbard, Robert H. Ashton, and Mary N. Davis, 37/1 (Fall 1994): 83-109.


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