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"Achieving Innovation Through Bureaucracy: Lessons from the Japanese Brewing Industry"  Craig, Tim, 38/1 (Fall 1995): 8-36.
"Frames of Reference and Buyers' Perception of Price and Value"  Smith, Gerald E., and Thomas T. Nagle, 38/1 (Fall 1995): 98-116.
"Negotiating Trust in the San Francisco Hotel Industry"  Korshak, Stuart R., 38/1 (Fall 1995): 117-137.
"Obtaining Industry Control: The Case of the Pharmaceutical Distribution Industry"  Oswald, Sharon L., and William R. Boulton, 38/1 (Fall 1995): 138-162.
"Shooting the Rapids: Managing Product Development in Turbulent Environments"  Iansiti, Marco, 38/1 (Fall 1995): 37-58.
"The Value of the Parent Company"  Campbell, Andrew , Michael Goold, and Marcus Alexander, 38/1 (Fall 1995): 79-97.
"Total Quality Research: Integrating Markets and the Organization"  Hurley, Robert F., and Jukka M. Laitamäki, 38/1 (Fall 1995): 59-78.


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