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"Creating Knowledge through Collaboration"  Inkpen, Andrew C., 39/1 (Fall 1996): 123-140.
"Crisis in the Arts: The Marketing Response"  Scheff, Joanne , and Philip Kotler, 39/1 (Fall 1996): 28-52. *
"International Environmental Standards and Corporate Policies: An Integrative Framework"  Rondinelli, Dennis A., and Gyula Vastag, 39/1 (Fall 1996): 106-122.
"Lean and Green: The Move to Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing"  Florida, Richard, 39/1 (Fall 1996): 80-105.
"Linking the Balanced Scorecard to Strategy"  Kaplan, Robert S., and David P. Norton, 39/1 (Fall 1996): 53-79.
"Shaping Conversations: Making Strategy, Managing Change"  Liedtka, Jeanne M., and John W. Rosenblum, 39/1 (Fall 1996): 141-157.
"Shareholders as a Strategic Asset"  Useem, Michael, 39/1 (Fall 1996): 8-27. *

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