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"Creativity as Investment"  Sternberg, Robert J., Linda A. O’Hara, and Todd I. Lubart, 40/1 (Fall 1997): 8-21.
"Creativity Doesn't Require Isolation: Why Product Designers Bring Visitors 'Backstage'"  Sutton, Robert I., and Thomas A. Kelley, 40/1 (Fall 1997): 75-91.
"Enhancing Creativity: Managing Work Contexts for the High Potential Employee"  Cummings, Anne , and Greg R. Oldham, 40/1 (Fall 1997): 22-38.
"Integrating Business and Medical Values in Health Benefits Management"  Moskowitz, Ellen H., and David T. Nassef, 40/1 (Fall 1997): 117-139.
"Managing Innovation: When Less is More"  Nemeth, Charlan Jeanne, 40/1 (Fall 1997): 59-74.
"Motivating Creativity in Organizations: On Doing What You Love and Loving What You Do"  Amabile, Teresa, 40/1 (Fall 1997): 39-58.
"The Myth of the Generic Manager: New Personal Competencies for New Management Roles"  Bartlett, Christopher A., and Sumantra Ghoshal, 40/1 (Fall 1997): 92-116.


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