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"Agile Product Development: Managing Development Flexibility in Uncertain Environments"  Thomke, Stefan , and Donald Reinertsen, 41/1 (Fall 1998): 8-30.
"Business Leadership Lessons from the Cleveland Turnaround"  Austin, James E., 41/1 (Fall 1998): 86-106.
"Is There a New Economy?"  Greenspan, Alan, 41/1 (Fall 1998): 74-85.
"Learning from the Quality Movement: What Did and Didn't Happen and Why?"  Cole, Robert E., 41/1 (Fall 1998): 43-73.
"Manufacturing Strategy Regained: Evidence for the Demise of Best-Practice"  Pilkington, Alan, 41/1 (Fall 1998): 31-42.
"Reversal of Fortune? The Recovery of the U.S. Semiconductor Industry"  Macher, Jeffrey T., David C. Mowery, and David A. Hodges, 41/1 (Fall 1998): 107-136.
"The Evolving Role of Semiconductor Consortia in the U.S. and Japan"  Ham, Rose Marie, Greg Linden, and Melissa M. Appleyard, 41/1 (Fall 1998): 137-163.


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