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"Achieving and Sustaining Business-IT Alignment"  Luftman, Jerry , and Tom Brier, 42/1 (Fall 1999): 109-122.
"Are Career Jobs Headed for Extinction?"  Jacoby, Sanford M., 42/1 (Fall 1999): 123-145.
"Beating the Clock: Corporate Responses to Rapid Change in the PC Industry"  Curry, James , and Martin Kenney, 42/1 (Fall 1999): 8-36.
"Career Jobs Are Dead"  Cappelli, Peter, 42/1 (Fall 1999): 146-167.
"Involving Suppliers in New Product Development"  Handfield, Robert B., Gary L. Ragatz, Kenneth J. Petersen, and Robert M. Monczka, 42/1 (Fall 1999): 59-82.
"Knowing 'What' To Do Is Not Enough: Turning Knowledge into Action"  Pfeffer, Jeffrey , and Robert I. Sutton, 42/1 (Fall 1999): 83-108. *
"Reply: Premature Reports of a Demise"  Jacoby, Sanford M., 42/1 (Fall 1999): 168-179.
"To Serve or Create? Strategic Orientations Toward Customers and Innovation"  Berthon, Pierre , James Mac Hulbert, and Leyland F. Pitt, 42/1 (Fall 1999): 37-58.

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