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"Deregulation and Regulatory Backlash in Health Care"  Robinson, James C., 43/1 (Fall 2000): 13-33.
"In Loco Parentis? The Purchaser Role in Managed Care"  Bergthold, Linda , Suzanne Olson Koebler, and Sara J. Singer, 43/1 (Fall 2000): 34-49.
"Managing Organizational Transformations: Lessons from the Veterans Health Administration"  Young, Gary J., 43/1 (Fall 2000): 66-82.
"Structural and Organizational Issues In Patient Safety: A Comparison of Health Care to Other High-Hazard Industries"  Gaba, David M., 43/1 (Fall 2000): 83-102.
"Structural Problems of Managed Care in California and Some Options for Ameliorating Them"  Singer, Sara J., and Alain C. Enthoven, 43/1 (Fall 2000): 50-65.
"The President and the Power of the Purchaser: Consumer Protection and Managed Care in the United States"  Gitterman, Daniel P., 43/1 (Fall 2000): 103-120.


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