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"Can Selling Be Globalized? The Pitfalls of Global Account Management"  Arnold, David , Julian Birkinshaw, and Omar Toulan, 44/1 (Fall 2001): 8-20.
"Delivering Excellent Service: Lessons from the Best Firms"  Ford, Robert C., Cherrill P. Heaton, and Stephen W. Brown, 44/1 (Fall 2001): 39-56.
"Detours in the Path toward Strategic Information Systems Alignment"  Hirschheim, Rudy , and Rajiv Sabherwal, 44/1 (Fall 2001): 86-108.
"E-Business: Revolution, Evolution, or Hype?"  Coltman, Tim , Timothy M. Devinney, Alopi Latukefu, and David F. Midgley, 44/1 (Fall 2001): 57-85.
"Relational Quality: Managing Trust in Corporate Alliances"  Ariño, Africa , José de la Torre, and Peter Smith Ring, 44/1 (Fall 2001): 109-131.
"Strategies for Managing Internal Competition"  Birkinshaw, Julian, 44/1 (Fall 2001): 21-38.
"Why Do Some Strategic Alliances Persist Beyond Their Useful Life?"  Inkpen, Andrew C., and Jerry Ross, 44/1 (Fall 2001): 132-148.


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