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"Compliance, Collaboration, and Codes of Labor Practice: The adidas Connection"  Frenkel, Stephen J., and Duncan Scott, 45/1 (Fall 2002): 29-49.
"Information Security in a Cyber Economy"  Dutta, Amitava , and Kevin F. McCrohan, 45/1 (Fall 2002): 67-87.
"Internationalization, Globalization, and Capability-Based Strategy"  Tallman, Stephen , and Karin Fladmoe-Lindquist, 45/1 (Fall 2002): 116-135.
"Lessons from Everest: Cognitive Bias, Psychological Safety, and System Complexity"  Roberto, Michael A., 45/1 (Fall 2002): 136-158.
"Managing the Extended Enterprise: The New Stakeholder View"  Post, James E., Lee E. Preston, and Sybille Sachs, 45/1 (Fall 2002): 6-28.
"The Emergence of Emerging Technologies"  Adner, Ron , and Daniel A. Levinthal, 45/1 (Fall 2002): 50-66.
"University Research and Offices of Technology Transfer"  Graff, Gregory , Amir Heiman, and David Zilberman, 45/1 (Fall 2002): 88-115.


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