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"Making Sense of Emerging Market Structures in B2B E-Commerce"  Mahadevan, B., 46/1 (Fall 2003): 86-100.
"Managing Learning Curves in Factories by Creating and Transferring Knowledge"  Lapré, Michael A., and Luk N. Van Wassenhove, 46/1 (Fall 2003): 53-71.
"Regulation and the Internet: Public Choice Insights"  Jarvenpaa, Sirkka L., Emerson Tiller, and Robert Simons, 46/1 (Fall 2003): 72-85.
"Sources of Corporate Environmental Performance"  Thornton, Dorothy , Robert A. Kagan, and Neil Gunningham, 46/1 (Fall 2003): 127-141.
"The Cycles of Corporate Branding: The Case of the LEGO Company"  Schultz, Majken , and Mary Jo Hatch, 46/1 (Fall 2003): 6-26.
"The Strategy of Sustainability: A Systems Perspective"  Marshall, Scott R., and Darrell Brown, 46/1 (Fall 2003): 101-126.
"Work Cells with Staying Power: Lessons for Process-Complete Operations"  Hyer, Nancy Lea, and Karen A. Brown, 46/1 (Fall 2003): 27-52.


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