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"Collaborating with Activists: How Starbucks Works with NGOs"  Argenti, Paul A., 47/1 (Fall 2004): 91-116.
"Doing Better at Doing Good: When, Why, and How Consumers Respond to Corporate Social Initiatives"  Sen, Sankar , and C. B. Bhattacharya, 47/1 (Fall 2004): 9-24.
"Integrating Social Responsibility and Marketing Strategy: An Introduction"  Bhattacharya, C. B., N. Craig Smith, and David J. Vogel, 47/1 (Fall 2004): 6-8.
"Managing Responsibility: What Can Be Learned from the Quality Movement?"  Waddock, Sandra A., and Charles Bodwell, 47/1 (Fall 2004): 25-37.
"Social Alliances: Company/Nonprofit Collaboration"  Berger, Ida E., Peggy H. Cunningham, and Minette E. Drumwright, 47/1 (Fall 2004): 58-90.
"Socially Responsible Pricing: Lessons from the Pricing of AIDS Drugs in Developing Countries"  Vachani, Sushil , and N. Craig Smith, 47/1 (Fall 2004): 117-144.
"Valuing the Cause Marketing Relationship"  Gourville, John T., and V. Kasturi Rangan, 47/1 (Fall 2004): 38-57.


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