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"A Garage and an Idea: What More Does an Entrepreneur Need?"  Audia, Pino G., and Christopher I. Rider, 48/1 (Fall 2005): 6-28.
"Consuming Technology: Why Marketers Sometimes Get it Wrong"  Berthon, Pierre , James Mac Hulbert, and Leyland F. Pitt, 48/1 (Fall 2005): 110-128.
"How to Delight Your Customers"  Berman, Barry, 48/1 (Fall 2005): 129-151.
"Stanford and Silicon Valley: Lessons on Becoming a High-Tech Region"  Adams, Stephen B., 48/1 (Fall 2005): 29-51.
"The Well-Timed Strategy: Managing the Business Cycle"  Navarro, Peter, 48/1 (Fall 2005): 71-91.
"Three Decades of Scenario Planning in Shell"  Cornelius, Peter , Alexander Van de Putte, and Mattia Romani, 48/1 (Fall 2005): 92-109.
"Unlocking Sustained Business Value from IT Investments"  Peppard, Joe , and John Ward, 48/1 (Fall 2005): 52-70.


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