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"Communicating Corporate Reputation through Stories"  Dowling, Grahame, 49/1 (Fall 2006): 82-100.
"Developing an Effective Customer Loyalty Program"  Berman, Barry, 49/1 (Fall 2006): 123-148.
"Letters to the Editor: Fall 2006"  Staubus, George J., Benjamin E. Hermalin, George J. Benston, Joshua Ronen, and Kip Hagopian, 49/1 (Fall 2006): 149-174.
"Regional Clusters in a Global World: Production Relocation, Innovation, and Industrial Decline"  Andersen, Poul, 49/1 (Fall 2006): 101-122.
"Reputation in Online Auctions: The Market for Trust"  Brown, Jennifer , and John Morgan, 49/1 (Fall 2006): 61-81.
"Too Hot To Handle? How to Manage Relationship Conflict"  Edmondson, Amy C., and Diana McLain Smith, 49/1 (Fall 2006): 6-31.
"Using Social Network Analysis to Improve Communities of Practice"  Cross, Rob , Tim Laseter, Andrew Parker, and Guillermo Velasquez, 49/1 (Fall 2006): 32-60.


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