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"A Dashboard for Online Pricing"  Baye, Michael R., J. Rupert J. Gatti, Paul Kattuman, and John Morgan, 50/1 (Fall 2007): 202-216.
"How to Capture Value from Innovation: Shaping Intellectual Property and Industry Architecture"  Pisano, Gary P., and David J. Teece, 50/1 (Fall 2007): 278-296.
"Innovation and Leadership Values"  Miles, Raymond E., 50/1 (Fall 2007): 192-201.
"Innovation as a Learning Process: Embedding Design Thinking"  Beckman, Sara L., and Michael Barry, 50/1 (Fall 2007): 25-56.
"Innovation in Services: Corporate Culture and Investment Banking"  Lyons, Richard K., Jennifer A. Chatman, and Caneel K. Joyce, 50/1 (Fall 2007): 174-191.
"Innovation: Brand It or Lose It"  Aaker, David A., 50/1 (Fall 2007): 8-24.
"Leading through Negotiation: Harnessing the Power of Gender Stereotypes"  Kray, Laura J., 50/1 (Fall 2007): 159-173.
"Meta-Technologies and Innovation Leadership: Why There May Be Nothing New Under the Sun"  Glazer, Rashi, 50/1 (Fall 2007): 120-143.
"Models of Innovation: Startups and Mature Corporations"  Freeman, John , and Jerome S. Engel, 50/1 (Fall 2007): 94-119.
"New Product Blockbusters: The Magic and Science of Prediction Markets"  Ho, Teck-Hua , and Kay-Yut Chen, 50/1 (Fall 2007): 144-158.
"Open Innovation and Strategy"  Chesbrough, Henry W., and Melissa M. Appleyard, 50/1 (Fall 2007): 57-76.
"The Innovative Organization: Creating Value Through Outsourcing"  Tadelis, Steven, 50/1 (Fall 2007): 261-277.
"The 'Non-Globalization' of Innovation in the Semiconductor Industry"  Macher, Jeffrey T., David C. Mowery, and Alberto Di Minin, 50/1 (Fall 2007): 217-242.
"The Organizational Dimensions of Creativity: Motion Picture Production"  Gil, Ricard , and Pablo T. Spiller, 50/1 (Fall 2007): 243-260.
"Too Much of a Good Thing? Quality as an Impediment to Innovation"  Cole, Robert E., and Tsuyoshi Matsumiya, 50/1 (Fall 2007): 77-93.


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