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"Building Value at the Top and the Bottom of the Global Supply Chain: MNC-NGO Partnerships"  Perez-Aleman, Paola , and Marion Sandilands, 51/1 (Fall 2008): 24-49.
"Can the virtuous mouse and the wealthy elephant live happily ever after?"  Austin, James E., and Dutch Leonard, 51/1 (Fall 2008): 77-102.
"Can You Buy CSR?"  Mirvis, Philip, 51/1 (Fall 2008): 109-116.
"Dancing with Gorillas: How Small Companies Can Partner Effectively with MNCs"  Prashantham, Shameen , and Julian Birkinshaw, 51/1 (Fall 2008): 6-23.
"Information Systems Backsourcing: Correcting Problems and Responding to Opportunities"  Veltri, Natasha , Carol Saunders, and C. Bruce Kavan, 51/1 (Fall 2008): 50-76.
"Marketing in a Silo World: The Challenge for Chief Marketing Officers"  Aaker, David A., 51/1 (Fall 2008): 144-156.
"Mortgage Guarantee Programs and the Subprime Crisis"  Jaffee, Dwight M., and John M. Quigley, 51/1 (Fall 2008): 117-143.
"Of Mice and Elephants"  Waddock, Sandra A., 51/1 (Fall 2008): 103-108.


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