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"Aesthetics and Ephemerality: Observing and Preserving the Luxury Brand"  Berthon, Pierre , Leyland F. Pitt, Michael Parent, and Jean-Paul Berthon, 52/1 (Fall 2009): 45-66.
"Automotive Quality Reputation: Hard to Achieve, Hard to Lose, Still Harder to Win Back"  Cole, Robert E., and Michael S. Flynn, 52/1 (Fall 2009): 67-93.
"Customer Rage: Triggers, Tipping Points, and Take-Outs"  Patterson, Paul G., Janet R. McColl-Kennedy, Amy K. Smith, and Zhi Lu, 52/1 (Fall 2009): 6-28.
"From Volume to Value: Managing the Value-Add Reseller Channel at Cisco"  Kalyanam, Kirthi , and Surinder Brar, 52/1 (Fall 2009): 94-119.
"Merged Datasets: An Analytic Tool for Evidence-Based Management"  Morrel-Samuels, Palmer , Ed Francis, and Steve Shucard, 52/1 (Fall 2009): 120-139.
"The Long Conversation: Learning How to Master Enterprise Systems"  Lorenzo, Oswaldo , Peter Kawalek, and Boumediene Ramdani, 52/1 (Fall 2009): 140-166.
"Where’s the Fine Print? Advertising and the Mortgage Market Crisis"  Perry, Vanessa G., and Carol M. Motley, 52/1 (Fall 2009): 29-44.


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