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"Inside Ericsson: A Framework for the Practice of Leading Global IT-Enabled Change"  Iveroth, Einar, 53/1 (Fall 2010): 136-153.
"Internationalization Strategies of Emerging Markets Firms"  Tsai, Hueiting , and Andreas A. Eisingerich, 53/1 (Fall 2010): 114-135.
"Is Your Project Turning into a Black Hole?"  Keil, Mark , and Magnus Mahring, 53/1 (Fall 2010): 6-31.
"Lost Roots: How Project Management Came to Emphasize Control Over Flexibility and Novelty"  Lenfle, Sylvain , and Christoph Loch, 53/1 (Fall 2010): 32-55.
"Managing Disputes with Nonmarket Stakeholders"  Lawrence, Anne T., 53/1 (Fall 2010): 90-113.
"Playing at Serial Acquisitions"  Smit, Han T.J., and Thras Moraitis, 53/1 (Fall 2010): 56-89.
"Technology Transfer across Organizational Boundaries: Absorptive Capacity and Desorptive Capacity"  Lichtenthaler, Ulrich , and Eckhard Lichtenthaler, 53/1 (Fall 2010): 154-170.


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