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"Airlines' Flexibility in Facing Regulatory Uncertainty: To Anticipate or Adapt?"  Engau, Christian , Volker H. Hoffmann, and Timo Busch, 54/1 (Fall 2011): 107-125.
"Firms, Regulatory Uncertainty, and the Natural Environment"  Marcus, Alfred A., J. Alberto Aragon-Correa, and Jonatan Pinkse, 54/1 (Fall 2011): 5-16.
"Government Policy and Firm Strategy in the Solar Photovoltaic Industry"  Haley, Usha C.V., and Douglas A. Schuler, 54/1 (Fall 2011): 17-38.
"Profiting from Environmental Regulatory Uncertainty: Integrated Strategies for Competitive Advantage"  Fremeth, Adam R., and Brian K. Richter, 54/1 (Fall 2011): 145-165.
"Regulatory Uncertainty and Corporate Responses to Environmental Protection in China"  Marquis, Christopher , Jianjun Zhang, and Yanhua Zhou, 54/1 (Fall 2011): 39-63.
"Regulatory Uncertainty and Opportunity Seeking: The Case of Clean Development"  Kolk, Ans , and Gerhard Mulder, 54/1 (Fall 2011): 88-106.
"Strategies to Cope with Regulatory Uncertainty in the Auto Industry"  Rothenberg, Sandra , and John E. Ettlie, 54/1 (Fall 2011): 126-144.
"The Drivers of Greenwashing"  Delmas, Magali A., and Vanessa Cuerel Burbano, 54/1 (Fall 2011): 64-87.


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