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"A Fat Debate on Big Food? Unraveling Blogosphere Reactions"  Kolk, Ans , Hsin-Hsuan Meg Lee, and Willemijn Van Dolen, 55/1 (Fall 2012): 47-73.
"Alphabet Energy: Thermoelectrics and Market Entry"  Alexander, Beverly , Adam Boscoe, Mason Cabot, Philip Dawsey, Luc Emmanuel Barreau, and Russell Griffith, 55/1 (Fall 2012): 149-160.
"Ecosystem Advantage: How to Successfully Harness the Power of Partners"  Williamson, Peter James, and Arnoud De Meyer, 55/1 (Fall 2012): 24-46.
"Enhanced Market Practices: Poverty Alleviation for Poor Producers in Developing Countries"  McKague, Kevin , and Christine Oliver, 55/1 (Fall 2012): 98-129.
"Environmental Regulation and Innovation Dynamics in the Oil Tanker Industry"  Perunovic, Zoran , and Jelena Vidic-Perunovic, 55/1 (Fall 2012): 130-148.
"Sustainability: How Stakeholder Perceptions Differ from Corporate Reality"  Peloza, John , Mortiz Loock, James Cerruti, and Michael Muyot, 55/1 (Fall 2012): 74-97.
"The Flattened Firm: Not as Advertised"  Wulf, Julie, 55/1 (Fall 2012): 5-23.


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