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"Coach McKeever: Unorthodox Leadership Lessons from the Pool"  Schroth, Holly A., 56/1 (Fall 2013): 89-99.
"People Operations at Mozilla Corporation: Scaling a Peer-to-Peer Global Community"  Bahrami, Homa, 56/1 (Fall 2013): 67-88.
"Steering Manufacturing Firms Towards Service Business Model Innovation"  Visnjic, Ivanka , Bart Van Looy, and Andy Neely, 56/1 (Fall 2013): 100-123.
"The Agenda-Setting Power of Stakeholder Media"  Hunter, Mark Lee, Luk N. Van Wassenhove, Maria Besiou, and Mignon van Halderen, 56/1 (Fall 2013): 24-49.
"The New Perspective on Organizational Wrongdoing"  Palmer, Donald A., 56/1 (Fall 2013): 5-23.
"Where Has the Time Gone? Addressing Collaboration Overload in a Networked Economy"  Cross, Rob , and Peter Gray, 56/1 (Fall 2013): 50-66.


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