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"A Better Way to Forecast"  Haran, Uriel , and Don A. Moore, 57/1 (Fall 2014): 5-15.
"A Service Lens on Value Creation: Marketing's Role in Achieving Strategic Advantage"  Bettencourt, Lance A., Robert F. Lusch, and Stephen L. Vargo, 57/1 (Fall 2014): 44-66.
"Fish Friendly Farming"  Gundling, Ernest, 57/1 (Fall 2014): 117-132.
"Green Innovation Games: Value-Creation Strategies for Corporate Sustainability"  Lampikoski, Tommi , Mika Westerlund, Risto Rajala, and Kristian Möller, 57/1 (Fall 2014): 88-116.
"Opportunity Creation in Innovation Networks: Interactive Revealing Practices"  Jarvenpaa, Sirkka L., and Liisa Välikangas, 57/1 (Fall 2014): 67-87.
"The Japanese Software Industry: What Went Wrong and What Can We Learn from It?"  Cole, Robert E., and Yoshifumi Nakata, 57/1 (Fall 2014): 16-43.


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