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"A Simplified Capital Budgeting Approach to Merchandise Management"  Holton, Richard H., 3/3 (Spring 1961): 82-104.
"An Approach To Computer-Base Management Control Systems"  Malcolm, D. G., and Alan J. Rowe, 3/3 (Spring 1961): 4-15.
"Experiences With a Complex Management Game"  Dill, W. R., William Hoffman, Harold J. Leavitt, and Thomas O’Mara, 3/3 (Spring 1961): 38-51.
"Is the Supply of Urban Land Running Out?"  Lessinger, Jack, 3/3 (Spring 1961): 28-37.
"Labor Relations in Britain"  Meyers, Frederic, 3/3 (Spring 1961): 16-27.
"Managing a Publicly Owned Corporation Is a Public Trust"  Weiss, Leo A., 3/3 (Spring 1961): 72-81.
"Rhochrematics and Organizational Adjustments"  Brewer, Stanley H., and James E. Rosenzweig, 3/3 (Spring 1961): 52-71.
"The Politics of a Changing Corporate Society"  Votaw, Dow, 3/3 (Spring 1961): 105-118.


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