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"Behavioral Properties of Variance Controls"  Miles, Raymond E., and Roger C. Vergin, 8/3 (Spring 1966): 57-66.
"Major Household Appliances: A Lesson in Distribution"  Kernan, Jerome B., 8/3 (Spring 1966): 83-92.
"Regional Industry Forecasting"  Andersen, Theodore A., 8/3 (Spring 1966): 51-56.
"Sales Finance Subsidiaries and Their Growth"  Nelson, J. Russell, and John L. Maginn, 8/3 (Spring 1966): 77-82.
"Some Important Relations Between Federal and California Taxes"  Crum, W. L., 8/3 (Spring 1966): 25-42.
"The Canadian Market: A Guide for United States Business"  Litvak, Isaiah A., and Bruce E. Mallen, 8/3 (Spring 1966): 67-76.
"The Mathematical Content of the Business School Curriculum"  Novick, David , H. O. Stekler, and G. H. Fisher, 8/3 (Spring 1966): 3-18.
"The New World of Private Brands"  Stern, Louis W., 8/3 (Spring 1966): 43-50.
"When Human Relations May Succeed and the Company Fail"  Fox, William M., 8/3 (Spring 1966): 19-24.


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