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"Absolutism in the Realm of Uncertainty"  Bliss, Charles A., 11/3 (Spring 1969): 35-42.
"An Executive Looks At--The Corporate Will"  Sherman, George, 11/3 (Spring 1969): 3-6.
"Business and the Mexican-American Community"  Sturdivant, Frederick D., 11/3 (Spring 1969): 73-80.
"Executives' Wives--The Need for a Positive Company-Sponsored Approach"  Kimmelman, Barry, 11/3 (Spring 1969): 7-10.
"Financial Reporting for Conglomerates: An Economic Analysis"  Cramer, Joe J., and Thomas Iwand, 11/3 (Spring 1969): 25-34.
"Industrial Revenue Bonds: A Source of Long-Term Financing"  Singhvi, Surendra S., and John G. Slamka, 11/3 (Spring 1969): 53-60.
"Reorganize the Personnel Department?"  Sokolik, Stanley L., 11/3 (Spring 1969): 43-52.
"The Characteristics and Work Adjustment of Engineering Technicians"  Kleingartner, Archie, 11/3 (Spring 1969): 89-96.
"The Economics of Airport Use, Congestion, and Safety"  Minasian, Jora R., and Ross D. Eckert, 11/3 (Spring 1969): 11-24.
"The General Manager of the Future"  Ansoff, H. Igor, and R. G. Brandenburg, 11/3 (Spring 1969): 61-72.
"Toward A General Theory of Motivation and Performance"  Chung, Kae H., 11/3 (Spring 1969): 81-88.


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