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"Advanced Management Processes in Developing Countries: Planning in Turkey"  Lauter, Geza Peter, 12/3 (Spring 1970): 7-12.
"BOOK REVIEW: The Marketing Mode: Pathways to Corporate Growth"  Preston, Lee E., 12/3 (Spring 1970): 85-88.
"Future Trends in the Struggle for Control of International Oil Resources"  Sethi, S. Prakash, and Jorge S. Forte, 12/3 (Spring 1970): 27-34.
"How to Evaluate a Company’s Training Efforts"  Schmidt, Warren H., 12/3 (Spring 1970): 49-56.
"International Management Selection and Development"  Teague, Frederick A., 12/3 (Spring 1970): 1-6.
"Investment Centers: Their Role in International Decisions"  Jaffe, Eugene D., 12/3 (Spring 1970): 13-21.
"Latin American Management Education and Recruitment: An Environmental Perspective"  Cullinan, Terrence, 12/3 (Spring 1970): 35-43.
"Less-Developed Countries’ Foreign Capital Policies: Are They Irrational?"  Grossack, Irvin M., 12/3 (Spring 1970): 22-26.
"Managing University Research: Personnel and Organizational Policies"  Garbarino, Joseph W., 12/3 (Spring 1970): 65-76.
"Professional Ethics and Competence in Management Consulting"  Mosley, Donald C., 12/3 (Spring 1970): 44-48.
"Research Departments Within Large Organizations"  Litterer, J. A., 12/3 (Spring 1970): 77-84.
"The Quiet Boom in the Vacation Home Market"  Ragatz, Richard L., and Gabriel M. Gelb, 12/3 (Spring 1970): 57-64.


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