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"A Quantitative Approach for Policy Analysis"  Vesper, Karl H., and Yutaka Sayeki, 15/3 (Spring 1973): 119-0.
"Communication Revisited"  Hall, Jay, 15/3 (Spring 1973): 56-67.
"Country Typologies for the Multinational Corporation: A New Basic Approach"  Sethi, S. Prakash, and Richard H. Holton, 15/3 (Spring 1973): 105-118.
"Genius Becomes Rare: A Comment on the Doctrine of Social Responsibility, Pt. II"  Votaw, Dow, 15/3 (Spring 1973): 5-19.
"Management and the Multinational Business Environment"  Bates, Thomas H., 15/3 (Spring 1973): 37-45.
"Managerial Career Development and the Generational Confrontation"  Moment, David , and Dalmar Fisher, 15/3 (Spring 1973): 46-55.
"Managerial Strategy for the Future: Theory Z Management"  Foss, Laurence, 15/3 (Spring 1973): 68-81.
"MIS Project Management: Myths, Opinions, and Reality"  Powers, Richard F., and Gary W. Dickson, 15/3 (Spring 1973): 147-156.
"New Paths to Corporate Social Responsibility"  Richman, Barry M., 15/3 (Spring 1973): 20-36.
"Overcoming the Perils of Advocacy in Corporate Planning"  Gilmore, Frank F., 15/3 (Spring 1973): 127-137.
"Product Management in High Technology Defense Industry Marketing"  Petrini, Bart F., and Philip D. Grub, 15/3 (Spring 1973): 138-147.
"The High Cost of Innovative Employee Benefits"  Foegen, J. H., 15/3 (Spring 1973): 100-104.
"The Psychological Contract: Managing the Joining-Up Process"  Kotter, John Paul, 15/3 (Spring 1973): 91-99.
"Twenty Questions: Utilizing Job Satisfaction Measures"  Roberts, Karlene H., and Frederick Savage, 15/3 (Spring 1973): 82-90.


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