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"Business and the News Media: The Paradox of Informed Misunderstanding"  Sethi, S. Prakash, 19/3 (Spring 1977): 52-62.
"Consumer Affairs Audits: Evaluation and Analysis"  Rosenberg, Larry J., John A. Czepiel, and Lewis C. Cohen, 19/3 (Spring 1977): 12-20.
"Corporate Social Responsibility and Political Ideology"  Walters, Kenneth D., 19/3 (Spring 1977): 40-51.
"Corporate Social Responsiveness: Management Attitudes and Economic Performance"  Sturdivant, Frederick D., and James L. Ginter, 19/3 (Spring 1977): 30-39.
"Environmental Impacts: Conflicts and Trade-offs"  Edmunds, Stahrl W., 19/3 (Spring 1977): 5-11.
"Improved Risk Management: Maximizing the Role of Insurance"  Haehling von Lanzenauer, Christoph, 19/3 (Spring 1977): 90-95.
"Management Commitment and Manpower Program Success"  Fottler, Myron D., 19/3 (Spring 1977): 71-77.
"Suggestion Systems: Utilization, Evaluation, and Implementation"  Reuter, Vincent G., 19/3 (Spring 1977): 78-89.
"The Meaning of Work and the Middle Manager"  Bowman, James S., 19/3 (Spring 1977): 63-70.
"The 'New' Egalitarianism and Managerial Practice"  McGuire, Joseph W., 19/3 (Spring 1977): 21-29.


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